Paolo Braghin

Founder of the Keyum® method
He entered the fitness world in 1984, as a professional body builder, and for about 18 years he took part in national competitions.
In 2000 he started training as a cyclist, taking part in amateur cycling championships in Italy and abroad.
Paolo Braghin is the typical person who would be called “a self-made man” in Anglo-Saxon countries, that is a person whose professional success is only due to his own work.
For his personal interest and on the basis of his experience, he studied nutrition, since 60% of sports results depend on a health, proper and well-balanced diet.
In 2000, while collaborating with a scientific medical commission, he designed a nutrition software program for the esthetic, fitness and wellbeing sector. In the same year he founded a company which still provides nutritional counseling, in collaboration with specialized biologists-nutritionists.
After 30 years of experience, in 2013 the project came to life with the impementation of the Keyum® software, designed along with his son Dennis and supported by a scientific medical commission.
Keyum is the first and only on-line software program covered by copyright.

Dennis Braghin

Sales manager
He got his degree in 2009 at Cristoforo Colombo high school of Adria, with a specialization in tourism.
A former kickboxer, he successfully took part in national competitions. He has been a snowboarder for years in winter.
A carp fishing lover, he spends most of his free time practicing this sport and taking part in various amateur and local competitions and as a member of a team competing in Italy and abroad.
With his father Paolo, he co-founded the company Keyum® s.r.l., where he is the sales and administration manager.

Elisa Mancini

Coordinator and manager of the Keyum® platform and scientific team
A biologist and nutritionist, she graduated in Nutritional Biology at the University of Camerino, then she specialized summa cum laude in Health Biology at the University of Bologna. Later, she obtained a 2nd level Master’s Degree in “Nutrition and Health Education” from the same university.
She is a close collaborator of Prof. Enzo Spisni, a researcher in the fields of nutrition and physiopathology of the digestive tract at the Department of Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences of the University of Bologna. In her dissertation and master’s degree course she dealt in particular with scientifically provable food intolerances and allergies, namely non-celiac sensitivity to gluten and celiac disease.
She is currently collaborating with the Intestinal Chronic Inflammatory Diseases Unit of the Sant’Orsola-Malpighi Hospital of Bologna, managed by Prof. Campieri, and is in charge of food monitoring of patients with diagnoses of Crohn’s disease or ulcerative rectocolitis in an ongoing clinical study.

Professional coach graduated at “Scuola Incoaching”®

Sofia Scarpari

Accounting and marketing manager
She obtained a B.A. in Territory Reorganization and Landscape Protection from the University of Padua; she is currently attending a specialization course in “Nutrition Biotechnologies” at the same university.
Until 2012 she practiced kickboxing at a national and international level, winning the Italian title in 2008 and taking part in European competitions, like the Austrian Classic in 2006 in the Semi-contact Junior category.
Since 2014 she has been the accounting manager and person in charge of the administrative office for Keyum®.

Aurora Modeo

A biologist and nutritionist, she graduated in Biological Sciences at the Milan State University, then she specialized summa cum laude in Biology applied to Biomedical Research, then she achieved a Master’s degree in Dietology and Nutrition at the Advanced Institute with Professor Eugenio Del Toma.
She continued her education by achieving the title of HAACP consultant and trainer (within the framework of health safety).
She has also taken part in specialization courses in both sports nutrition and intestinal function and health nutrition.
She focuses on understanding patients in all their aspects and designs personalized food plans for people of any age, even those with ascertained pathological conditions and athletes practicing various sports.

Teresa Coviello

Nutritionist biologist, she graduated in Biological Sciences at the Alma Mater Studiorum University in Bologna. In the same university he continued his education with the master’s degree in “Health Biology” with 110 cum laude. Deepen your university education by obtaining a II level Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Health Education with a thesis and internship project concerning sports nutrition in the ultra-trail. For three years he has been working in nutrition and nutrition education as a freelancer

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