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✓ Do you want to achieve your ideal weight?


With the Keyum method you will lose your extra kilos, achieve physical wellbeing and keep your ideal weight as time goes by. Rediscover the pleasure of being fit, with a food program which suits your tastes and requirements. Forget restrictive diets, full of sacrifices: with Keyum you eat the food you love and achieve your desired shape.

✓ Do you dream of a diet which adjusts to your intolerances or special requirements?


If you have a specific intolerance or pathology, you are always full of doubts: how can I follow a well-balanced diet? How can I often change type of food? Even a simple action like eating out may become complex.

With Keyum you have a practical menu to choose your food every day without trouble. Supported by a scientific medical commission, we design food products which take into consideration any intolerances, from gluten to lactose, allergies to dry fruit and specific pathologies like diabetes.

✓ Do you want to improve your sports performance?


In sports, the role of the diet is of paramount importance. For athletes it is important to follow a varied and complete food plan, ensuring the proper amount of all critical nutrients.

Many sportspeople choose us to improve their performance, increase their strength and resistance. The Keyum method is your ally for all kinds of sports, from weight lifting to cycling, from swimming to rugby, from football to triathlon.

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