How it works


Keyum is the program tailored to your needs.
Discover the pleasure of a food routine which suits your body, tastes and routine, for a smooth and pleasant change

  First meeting


A complete analysis
During the first visit, we calculate your basal metabolism¸ evaluate your fat mass and your thin mass, we evaluate your skeletal structure and the distribution of fat in your body. In addition to this, we also assess your adipose and muscular area in detail, both in your arms and in your legs. We calculate your ideal weight and daily caloric need.

What do you want to eat?

You can specify up to 5 different breakfasts, 10-15 first courses, 20 second courses. Then we design your food plan on the basis of your tastes, traditions and any work, family and sports requirements you have.

  Second meeting


Let’s start!

During the second meeting, we will provide you with your personalized food plan, both in paper and in digital format, to read it anywhere and at any time.

Monthly meetings after the second one


We will follow you step by step.
During each meeting, we re-evaluate your body composition.
We constantly check the efficacy of the designed plan.
We draft new food cards on the basis of your tastes and the season.

  After you have reached your goal


We maintain your ideal weight as time goes by.
Having reached the preset goal, we will provide you with a new food plan, suitable for your caloric needs, in order to maintain the achieved results and never put on the lost kilos anymore.

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